Visiting “The Names Project Foundation”

October 28th, 2018

Today my class English 1102, met up at “The Names Project Foundation”. Each student is beginning to compose a project based off of the Aids & Hiv quilts that have been made by and donated to the Names Foundation. We are to create a blog page and focus our writing and research on one chosen quilt from this foundation. The purpose of this visit today was to get a look at the quilts, find one and create a short description on it. It was also to meet with a talker Mr. Williams who works at this Atlanta foundation location and get an explanation of the purpose and story behind the foundation. Mr. Williams told us that the Names Project Foundation was founded in 1995. The beginning of the quilt idea was started by the founder who first created these panels as 3x6ft. These panels that are housed by the foundation are created by anyone in the United States and then they ship them in order for Names to collect them. Each block has numbers and a panel name. They contain half a million momentoes. Mr. Williams informed us that medicine today has finally been able to catch up to the disease. The history behind this disease is that back then it was thought to be a gay disease. It was important to have met at the foundation in order to get a full description of the reason behind the existence of these quilts and for each one of us to have had the opportunity to find the one quilt that we will be focusing our project around. The quilt that I chose and will be continuing my project on is one done for Jerry Wayne Fletcher.

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