Flicker Image on Aids


This image is a picture that I found on Flicker. This one caught my attention because it is not just the red ribbon which is what typically comes up when one searches Aids on images. Yet, it is first a poster that demonstrates the number of people that have been infected with Aids and shows the number of people that are being treated. On the right side, it says “more than 5 million people receive treatment against HIV”. On the left, it says ” but still 17 million people infected do not have access to treatment.” I think the imagery of the people standing in front of the ribbon is quite beautiful I would say. I believe that because the black demonstrates those without access to treatment and the white are the people being able to get treated. The people also have small little ribbons on the right side of their chest. Lastly, it is interesting how they made sure that more than half of the people are “black” demonstrating the uneven access to treatment for Hiv/ Aids.


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