Another visual description of the Jerry Wayne Fletcher quilt panel

I decided to take another look at the quilt…

Block number: 03522

This quilt has a type of denim background all throughout. It has an indigo border. They used a sharpie to write his name, location, and date of birth until death. At the bottom, there are also a lot of his pictures plastered. Something that caught my eye about the pictures is that some of the pictures are of him dressed up as a woman. I am not sure why that is. Is it may be because he was gay and liked dressing up as a woman? Was this picture taken during Halloween? In the picture, he has blond hair and wears a green and yellow dress. It is interesting because it seems that his actual hair color is brunette. In that case, he used a wig in those pictures. At the top of the panel, there is a badge that says “Mt. Mckinley expedition”. I am assuming that he was a skier.

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